Summer Newsletter ♥

Happy summer days & nights to all the wonderful Jades of the World!

Currently we are going through an update so our forum’s current URL is:
We apologize for the inconvenience it may cause to our Jade family *bows*

On behalf of the staffs of Shades of Jae’d, we hope everyone is enjoying the sun and all the fun that summer has to offer!

We sincerely apologize for the lack of communication and the appearance of inactivity in SOJ, but I promise you that we have been anything but inactive.

For the last 9 months our team has been participating and involved in many activities/events/planning for JaeJoong/JYJ related events which have included:

*Gift Delivery to JYJ during the Thanksgiving Concert Tour
*Make a Wish - Fanproject for JYJ Showcase in Singapore
*Saranghae - Fanproject for JYJ Showcase in Malaysia
*Consulting for an event in Malaysia
*Smile!JYJ - Fanproject for JYJ World Tour Concert in Singapore
*Launch of Shades Of Jae’d Official Twitter @shadesofjaed
*JYJShowcaseinSF - Fanprojects for JYJ Showcase in San Francisco
*Gift Delivery to JYJ during US Showcase Dates
*Unofficial Launch of Jade 909.5 
*Consulting for various projects/events of fellow fans & fansites
*Establishing a relationship with KKOOM, a charitable organization that does outreach in South Korea

*JYJ4SJ Team:
Fan projects for JYJ World Tour Concert in San Jose included:
—- Free red fingerlights for all the attendees
—- Free “Kajima” signs for all the attendees
—- Banners created for JYJ, Yoochun’s Birthday, Slaughterhouse
—- 1000 Red Glow in the Dark Micky Ears to celebrate his Birthday
—- Congratulatory cake & food for JYJ/ Slaughterhouse & staff
—- Surprising Yoochun on stage with a surprise party during the concert
—- Fanchant organizing
—- Fun Meet prior to concert
*Gift delivery for JYJ during JYJ World Tour Concert in San Jose

As you can see, we have been quite active on all other fronts and as a result of working on these aspects and the current size of our staffs, we unfortunately could not keep the site up to date and be as heavily involved as we were these last few months. We sincerely ask for your forgiveness for that.

Summer has come and as things begin to simmer on our outside projects, now the fun begins with Shades of Jae’d heating up with the site receiving new updates and improvements to be had on all aspects of the forum! We promise you that with these new updates, SOJ will become more fun and exciting just as our family continues to grow and expand!

While all the updates are happening, the forum will be online as normal under the new URL that is listed above. Keep on the look out for updates and promo teasers to the mischief we have planned as well as our call to hire new staff members to help us undertake the new aspects that Shades of Jae’d will have in the upcoming future!

For those who are interested in applying, please feel free to email : and we will begin the interview process as soon as we are ready.

With the summer already upon us, we can expect things to heat up quick! That goes for Shades Of Jae’d as well! So get ready to join us in new fun and adventures that Kim JaeJoong and our family at Shades of Jae’d will be going on!!

With love always,
♥ Shades of Jae’d Staffs