{Please Reblog♥} Support Project for Protect the Boss <보스를 지켜라>

Support Project for Protect the Boss <보스를 지켜라>

On behalf of the members and staff of Shades of Jae’d: International Kim JaeJoong Fanclub, we would like to humbly invite you to join and support our upcoming charity and support project for Kim JaeJoong in his latest endeavor, Protect the Boss.

In conjunction with KKOOM (KOREAN KIDS AND ORPHANAGE OUTREACH MISSION), Shades of Jae’d will be launching:

Protect the Future: Working Hand in Hand Towards a Better Tomorrow

KKOOM has informed us that from their last count there are over 270 orphanages throughout Korea, but the number is slowly decreasing due to many having to close down as their current funding is not enough to support their facilities causing the children there to relocate to other orphanages that are too at a high capacity and lacking funding as well.

There are around 20,000 children living in these orphanages, but not all the children there are true orphans, with many that have parents that had to give up their child to the orphanages because they are unable to support them with the means they have as there is little support for single parents and poor families in South Korea. The adoption rate of these children to Korean families or families outside South Korea is even lower with under 2,000 children being fortunate enough to have a chance to be part of a family.

Protect the Future is a charity project that will support KKOOM’s Post High School Support Initiative, which aides young adult orphans in their endeavors outside of the orphanage which include assisting in providing assistance in job search expenses, relocating out of orphanages and accessing post-high school educational opportunities.

The money raised will go directly to KKOOM which will use the funds raised to help the children that are not fortunate to be adopted but still have dreams and aspirations to reach their goals in life. KKOOM as an organization is grateful that we as fans of Kim JaeJoong worldwide, want to work hand in hand with their organization to help provide a better future to others.

KKOOM has created a page on their site that will be solely dedicated to donating to the Protect The Future charity that will be done on behalf of Kim JaeJoong and to the cast and crew of Protect the Boss. We will be keeping an active list of those who have donated and how much the charity has raised. KKOOM, as a display of gratitude will be creating a video to show their thanks to Kim JaeJoong and Protect the Boss for assisting them in their endeavors to provide a future for those who at times think they do not have one. They will also be presenting Kim JaeJoong & Protect the Boss with a certificate with the total of the donations made to the charity.

Along with donations, we will be creating a goodie packet and a few other goods that will be sold where proceeds will be given to KKOOM. Those that donate will be given an option to be entered into a raffle for prizes[TBA]. If you have any other suggestions as to how to encourage as many fans as we can to donate, all ideas and suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated.

As fans of Kim JaeJoong, we know the hardships that he faced at a young age, leaving the safety and comfort of his home and family to pursue his dream of becoming a musical artist who now has completed a World Tour, done countless promotions and successful entered cinema and television. With all the hardships and struggles he had to endure, he still had a family that loved him which gave him strength.

The orphans in these 270 facilities, do not have that, but many still strive and have the same amount of passion and determination to reach their goals and dreams in live as little or as big they are. Let us become that support and encouragement for them so they too can become whatever they wish to be or at least, start a life as an adult where they don’t have to worry if they will have what they need to go out and look for a job.

In the next few days we will be releasing a video and poster in regards to the charity project. If you could please RT and spread the video and poster so everyone is aware of this worthwhile cause, we would greatly appreciate it. For up to date information on the charity, in all of its facets please email us at : shades_of_jaed@hotmail.com or follow our tumblr : http://shadesofjaed.tumblr.com/ as our site is currently under maintanence.

We hope to gain much support and that you will accept our invitation as this is a way for all of us to unite as one heart supporting Kim JaeJoong and a worthwhile cause at the same time.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email us them.

On behalf of the staff and members of Shades of Jae’d, I humbly thank you for taking your time in reading this letter and we hope to be able to work hand in hand on providing a future to those who dream of one, but think of it as only a dream. Let’s help make their dreams a reality! ♥